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Energetician and soul therapist, I practice energy cleansing thanks to the training provided by my spiritual guides to establish care for all people wishing to take charge of their lives. 

I undertake as far as possible to relieve  your pain as well as possible, to release your blockages and to reharmonize  your energy structure as well as your energies thanks to the Christ energy.

The goal is to remove the negative to vibrate differently  and differently in order to attract new vibrations, situations or events to oneself.

Energy cleaning can be provided in the office in Eguilles (Bouches du Rhône)  or remotely.

Remote cleaning is as effective as face-to-face cleaning.

Energy cleansing is a personal process, a personal choice, everyone being an actor in their own life, it is therefore important that each cleaning request comes from the person concerned (themselves), except in cases of force majeure (minor, disabled person or unable to make the request (ex: coma).

Like ancestral medicines, particularly Chinese and Ayurvedic, holistic medicine considers that the body and the mind are inseparable and integrates the physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual dimensions.
An organ therefore no longer emits the same frequencies when it is sick.​
It will be carried out a complete and in-depth session taking into account the body and the spirit. It will be done under relaxation so that you can fully live this experience et oriented according to your expectations:

Example of cleaning commonly requested:
-Increase in vibratory rate.
- Realignment of the physical body and the spirit.
- Rebalancing and harmonization of your primary and secondary Chakras.
- Severance of family and transgenerational ties.
- Cleansing your energy bodies.

- Spells, magic, spells.
- Clearance of entities.
- Cutting of negative links and imprints.
- Cleansing and reprogramming your cellular and karmic memories. 
- Cleansing and purification of your karma and past lives.
- Treatment of your various ailments.
At the end of this session, you will find in other:
- General well-being and renewed energy.
- Strengthening the immune system.
- The relief of your pain and inflammation.
- Body, soul and spirit alignment.
- The release of physical, emotional and mental blockages.
- Inner peace and stress reduction.
- Stimulation of the cell regeneration process.


I also participate in the accompaniment in the desire to fall pregnant with or without medical assistance.

The energetic cleansing that I practice can be done with the help of a spiritual being.

An energetic cleansing takes place every 6 months.

Energy cleansing is another approach to therapy.

What if we worked together to remove your blockages?

Duration of the session: approximately 1h30
Price: 70 euros
Children, teenagers up to 17 years old, unemployed, RSA, students: €50

Up to 10 years: FREE

Energy cleansing does not replace medical treatment.

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