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When I was still a little boy, there was this little inner voice that wanted to make me realize that here on Earth, it was not my home! But then, where was my house, if not that of my parents? I understood much later that she was up there, in the universe.

Around the age of 20, I became interested in cartomancy. More precisely at the Oracle of Belline. Why, I didn't know... My life path led me to the study of Christianity. So I started taking classes, and later, teaching.

A few years ago now, I woke up, all of a sudden! Woke up in the sense that, after a psychological shock, my whole life changed. The famous "spiritual awakening". Religion no longer had any interest for me. My little voice was getting stronger, and she had a lot to tell me! The Universe has ensured that, during all this learning, I am guided by people who make me evolve. My path was traced gradually...

My evolution, with the help of other therapists, allowed me to understand my life mission. Fight the shadow to spread the light. 

This is my main goal! 

I trained in Ericksonian hypnosis, Brief therapies, EFT (emotion management), behavioral nutrition.

In direct connection with the Universe, I practice care with and on the soul, the cleaning of cellular memories, karma, cutting of negative links, etc... as well as the release of entities, of the shadow soul retrieval and exorcism.

If you want to give meaning to your life, to know "WHO YOU ARE", why you are on Earth, to free yourself from your anxieties, your fears, your phobias, to intervene in a physiological process, to stop smoking, you reduce weight, unanchor trauma, etc...

So, see you soon.



My trainings:

- GS Training - Ericksonian Hypnosis / NLP

- Academy Madelrieux - Advanced hypnosis

- Academy Madelrieux - Spiritual and Transgenerational Hypnosis

- AFNH - Hypnosis resistances and rapid inductions

- Trauma supervised by Evelyne Josse

- EFT - release of negative emotions

- Diet'ethic - Behavioral Nutrition 

- IFATH training: Smoking cessation

- E-Faculty EFPP: Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology

To complete my knowledge, I very regularly participate in advanced training courses with the AFNH, one of the most important European schools of hypnosis for health professionals.

And of course, everything that the Universe puts in place, every day, for my evolution and my teaching.

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