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Past Life Regression or Transpersonal Hypnosis is based on the premise that human beings have a soul and go through many incarnations to evolve. She also considers that the origin of our present ills can be found in our past lives.
Thanks to hypnosis, you will relive past lives that are linked to your current life and thus unblock and modify certain problems to build your life path.
We can also:
- make a clearing of entities.
- visit between two lives.

- contact your deceased.
- communicate with your Higher Consciousness.
- clean the karmic memories of your past lives.
- seek healing care.

Procedure: (to be read imperatively)

- A few hours before the session, I suggest that you do a good relaxation (breathing, meditation, etc.) by imagining your session as being positive and enriching. This will place you in an inner state of openness.
- When you arrive, we will proceed to an anchoring by your Root chakra, and a connection with the Source by your Crown chakra.
- At the end of the session, we will discuss together your experience, the links between the information received and your present life, and I will answer your questions.
- After the session, you will receive a download link for the audio recording.
- We will review the point a month later.

Feel free to connect to my YouTube channel below to discover some spiritual hypnosis and past life regression sessions.

Price: 220 euros per session.
Duration about 4 hours.
This session does not replace medical treatment.

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