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All smokers are convinced that they are addicted to nicotine, this product which rhymes with heroin, cocaine, morphine, whereas nicotine is only a very toxic substance, which not only does not soothe but which in addition has no no effectiveness on the state of relaxation since it is an aggressive toxic substance which causes anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, headaches, nausea, malaise and malaise….This substance is anxiety-provoking and can never cause any feeling of well-being in any human being.

To become a non-smoker again, the accompaniment must be done gently, (because it has been trapped for years!) to get out of the conditioning.

Understanding how the dependency mechanism is made makes it much easier to escape from it.

During his career, the smoker passes very quickly from the belief of well-being that cigarettes bring him to this set of terrible fears, in the event of "withdrawal"...

My mission is to explain these mechanisms to you and to erase your fears!
It's also interesting to understand that many cigarettes actually come from conditioned reflexes, and not from habit, contrary to what you are led to believe.

Do cigarettes help you relax?

Know that it is absolutely physically impossible to smoke and relax at the same time, because nicotine is one of the strongest and most potent poisons known to mankind.
If you were injected intravenously with less than 1 gram of nicotine, it would be enough to permanently paralyze you or kill you instantly.

Make an appointment and get out of addiction!

STOP TOBACCO hypnosis is one of the "brief therapies" and 80% of patients reach their goal. 

Train in the IFATH method: Stop Tobacco

2 sessions spaced 8 days apart.
Session 1: 3 hours / €140
Session 2: 1h30 / €60
Plus oneaccess  to audio for life! : "through hypnosis, I increase my strengthinterior  and developed my desire to remain a non-smoker. "

Sevrage tabagique
Arrêt cigarette grâce à l'hypnose
Arrêter de fumer
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