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Exorcism comes from very ancient origins, evil celestial creatures, enemies of the human race, occupy the minds of the night of time and beyond borders. Part of the origin of the demons would in fact find its origins in Ancient Persia, the current Iran.

Whether in Christianity, Judaism, or Islam there have always been references to demonic beings. He specifies, however, that the roots of the science of the demon are inherited more precisely from the eastern basin of the Mediterranean.

The exorcists are already present among the first Christians, but by any of them, one lends to the Saints and the Saints, powers of conjuration, of suppression, of the forces of evil present. What is in fact simply, inspired by the exorcists of Jesus, numerous in the Old Testament with certain apostles.

If the films have often tended to represent the exorcism in a sensational way, like a horror film, head that turns 360 degrees, deformed body, frightening atmosphere. The reality, however, is much more dramatic and much less spectacular. The people who submit to it are often suffering people who are victims of serious psychological imbalances. Instead of making them curiosities, it is therefore a question of guiding these people and avoiding seeing the devil in them at the risk of reinforcing the conviction of the person. 

The exorcism that I practice is done with the help of beings of Light.

Price: 200 euros


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