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The entities and the disembodied, the ghosts and spirits that are stuck and have not been able to get to the light are located on the astral plane.
This is not a nice place to visit!
Be careful not to confuse "astral plane" and astral body".  

Don Ernesto Ortiz, said to his students: 
"Be careful with the living, for they can do harm, but the dead cannot!"
All spirits trapped on the astral plane look down when they die, not towards the light. This is where they come from, the physical plane. Many were not ready to die. They still wanted to enjoy the time on earth…

The only thing these lost souls are looking for is your help!
To survive, they need to feed on your vital energy. A drop in your vibratory rate following illness, depression, trauma, the loss of a loved one, etc. creates a breach in your energy system and there, the entity rushes in.
This will result in unexplained fatigue, repeated health problems, behavioral changes, etc.

The entity clearing that I practice is very gentle and nothing spectacular. It is not based on any religious ritual as we can see it regularly during shows or films and does not lead to any crisis of hysteria.

Get in touch with this lost soul to gather information about its presence and ask it to move towards the light so that it can continue its evolution. 
When he leaves, you will feel a great release.

Entity clearing, another approach to therapy.



During my energy balance sheets, I regularly give the dark side of each of us and I am often asked what it corresponds to.

G. Jung said: "There is no light without shadow and no psychic totality without imperfection. Life requires for its development not perfection but plenitude. Without imperfection, there is no progression , nor ascension".

The shadow is, by definition, an absence of light, the light being that which is positive, the shadow is therefore its negative facet.

The shadow is the side of ourselves that we reject, hate and suppress: the unpleasant things we have done that we are often ashamed of; people we have betrayed or abandoned, ridiculed or abused; the parts of us that feel unworthy, not good enough, or unlovable. The shadow is also how our egos survive.

It takes place in our energy bodies and spreads like a virus according to our behavior to take power.

Illness, depression, anxiety, burn-out, dissociation, bad behavior, etc... so many signs that show that the shadow is taking control.

To be able to work on the shadow and fight it, the energy specialist must have an extremely high energy level. Otherwise, he himself will be attacked.

Fighting the shadow when nothing is going well, and thus regaining fullness is another approach to therapy that I offer.

Face-to-face or remotely (France andforeign)

Price: 70 euros

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