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In order to cope with a traumatic situation, it often happens that a part of the soul becomes detached and fragments.

It can break up in countless situations: pain, accident, fear, surgery, big argument, loss of a loved one, loss of self-perception due to injury,chronic illnesses, suicidal tendencies, degenerative illnesses, addictions, behavioral patterns that you can't get out of, depression, the feeling of living outside of life, of not knowing who you are or what you are we love, etc.…

In most ancient indigenous societies around the world, the loss of essence is considered the primary cause of disease.

Our nature is made like this and when a trauma occurs or by dint of meeting the impossibility of realizing itself, the essence protects itself by letting go of a part of itself which we call aspect of essence or soul.

For example, in an accident, an aspect of your essence may leave in order to protect your being from the unbearable pain caused by the accident. Or, to save your integrity, a part of you that would die if it remained, can leave you. This aspect remains outside of time and space, in the invisible world or the so-called "spirit world", waiting to be retrieved and reinstalled within you.

Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing practice that reconnects with lost parts in order to recover them and fix that spiritual mess. 

It is therefore a very powerful technique which is also intended for people who have the feeling of being separated from their essence, of having   the impression of not being totally complete, whole, of not being fully there and feeling fragmented. A feeling of being disconnected or cut off from your body, lost in the void.

Soul retrieval, another approach to therapy.

Face-to-face or remotely (France andforeign)
Price: 70 euros

This session does not replace medical treatment.


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Extrait d'une séance ou l'âme effectue via les bras de la personne, un rééquilibrage des énergies.

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