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BURN EMERGENCY: Free session on simple call. Remote only. Does not dispense medical care.

The action of magnetism also concerns babies, animals, plants, places. the use of the energies of the human being was known and practiced since Antiquity.

All living beings emit electromagnetic waves. And the hands of healers and meditation masters emit low-frequency magnetic fields a thousand times more powerful than the rest of the population, capable of relieving deep pain, as Audrey Monge reports in her book "Mystère des_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_healers". The author, who highlights the scientific experiments carried out to explain the extraordinary gifts of healing, also evokes another element of explanation: biophotons, the spontaneous emission of ultra-low intensity light emanating from all living systems.  

The distance healings of the magnetizers/healers, show that we are in a different interaction, which does not appeal to our electromagnetic field or even to a relationship of energy body to energy body, but which appeals to an influence of the mind over matter, a process of energy exchange.

This energy is then directed where the body needs it, through a highly focused mental connection.
This will allow you to release the various physical and also psychic pains.

Fire cutters have probably been around since the dawn of time. The formula that cuts the fire, or if you prefer to relieve the burns, usually comes directly from a person who held it themselves. 

They generally treat reddened and scalded skin, but also intervene to relieve burns caused by radiotherapy and the painful effects of chemotherapy. The fire cutter places his hand on or above the burned area, reciting specific prayers: bleeding, pain, warts, acne, migraine, gout, eczema, tendonitis, shingles and other skin diseases, etc…

Many people use it and to calm all kinds of fires:  Sun burnwasp stings, acute inflammation…anything resembling a burn is likely to be relieved.

At the office or remotely (France and abroad).

Duration: about 1 hour

Ratemagnetism & cut the fire: 45 euros per session with follow-up over 3 days.


This session does not replace medical treatment.








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