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the entities are migrating souls who would not have left home in peace and are trapped on the astral plane. You may see shadows, hear sounds or footsteps, find objects moving, or see lights go off and on and doors open and close by themselves. Also feel a presence or a cold wind crossing the room. 
These entities want to draw your attention because they need your help to be free, to go towards the light and to continue their evolution.

Negative energies (anger, violence, events) charge the house over time and what happens inside a house is remembered!

Harmonization and purification will neutralize and release the destructive emotional charge linked to the past of the place and the disturbing energies of all kinds that could be there.

Price: 100 euros houses and apartments.
Free travel within a radius of 10 km from 140 rue Cornaline, 13510 Eguilles.

Commercial premises, estates, etc. on estimate.
Also remotely.


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