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How to make an energy and spiritual balance?

At some point in life, it can happen to feel weak or emotionally unstable and this is completely normal.

In these cases, it is essential to question oneself on one's real energetic or spiritual state.

If you come to a point where these questions are increasingly present, an energy and spiritual balance can help you see more clearly.

Thanks to this assessment, you will be able to learn about your real personality, your gifts, your potential and this will allow you to establish a therapeutic protocol. 

Let's see in detail what you will discover in your complete report!

  - your vibratory rate
  - your vital rate
  - the activity of your chakras
  - the color of your aura
  - your life mission
  - your psychic abilities
  - your energy problems
  - organs that are disturbed
  - your inner child wounds
  - your vows and oath of incarnation
  - possible bewitchments and blockages
  - harmful negative energies on your subtle bodies
  - the source of the problem
  - negative memories
  - the entities attached to your subtle bodies
  - the percentage of your fragmented soul

Price: 50 euro


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